Living Youth Lent 2021

Mental Wellbeing with the 4 Corners Festival

Week 2 (Mon 22nd - Sun 28th Feb)

‘Catch Your Breath’ with Jim & Paula from Living Church as they explore some top tips for building resilience, how to realise how good we are and how to stay well.


Ages 11 - 14

Ages 15 - 18

Fasting from Consumerism

Week 1 (Wed 17th - Sun 21st Feb)

Come up with 3 things that you will commit to consume less of or commit to using for longer.


Ages 11 – 14

Complete the worksheet to commit to 3 different things.

  • What items can you use until they are finished, instead of asking for new ones just because other people have? Sports Gear, Technology, Clothes

  • How can you not rely on your parents/guardians for lifts as much?

  • Reduce consuming Social Media, WhatApp etc.

Year 11 – 14

Use to send yourself 3 reminder emails in the future about what you have committed to.

  • Mobiles & Devices – Don’t upgrade your phone or other device just because you can. Make a commitment to keep your devices for longer periods.

  • Clothing & Shoes – Wear your clothing until they need to be changed, rather than just wanting something new. Why not use Charity Shops for purchasing new and donating your old clothes?

  • Use Less – Can you walk/cycle one extra time a week or reduce using disposable food & drinks containers?

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