Lent 2021 - Full Resources

Hello Parishes, Schools and other Organisations,
   We would like to welcome you to the Living Youth Lenten Programme 2021.
Please find below the full list of resources that are going to be posted on a weekly basis on our Website and Social Media Accounts for young people aged 11 - 18 to take part in. (Some in house videos are still being developed)
Each week we will be posting an activity for young people to engage in, which will have a video outlining the activity, a task/guidance for those aged 11-14 to complete and a task/guidance for those aged 15-18 to complete. The activities will be based on one of the three pillars of Lent (Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving), with an additional Mental Wellbeing workshop and a celebratory Easter Pilgrimage to a Local Church.
The programme is designed in such a way that it can be completed virtually, or resources could be dropped off or collected from a Church in person. It can also be completed by individuals and families, or can be taken by a parish, school or other organisation to run as an initiative themselves. 
If you sign up as a parish, school or organisation, you will have full access to the Resources (below) in advance, and we will email you all Worksheets, Images and Social Media Images in advance of the week. 
If you are a Parish and plan to run any of the events such as, Week 2: Living Church Lenten Prayer Service, Week 6: Food Bank Donation, or Week 8: Pilgrimage to Parish, please let us know at livingyouth@downandconnor.org and we can share this information on the webpage.
Please register your Parish, School or Organisation by clicking the 'Register Now' button above.

Fasting from Consumerism

Week 1 (Wed 17th - Sun 21st Feb)

Come up with 3 things that you will commit to consume less of or commit to using for longer.


Ages 11 – 14

Complete the worksheet to commit to 3 different things.

  • What items can you use until they are finished, instead of asking for new ones just because other people have? Sports Gear, Technology, Clothes

  • How can you not rely on your parents/guardians for lifts as much?

  • Reduce  using Social Media, WhatsApp etc.

Year 11 – 14

Use www.futureme.org to send yourself 3 reminder emails in the future about what you have committed to.

  • Mobiles & Devices – Don’t upgrade your phone or other device just because you can. Make a commitment to keep your devices for longer periods.

  • Clothing & Shoes – Wear your clothing until they need to be changed, rather than just wanting something new. Why not use Charity Shops for purchasing new and donating your old clothes?

  • Use Less – Can you walk/cycle one extra time a week or reduce using disposable food & drink containers?

Mental Wellbeing with the 4 Corners Festival

Week 2 (Mon 22nd - Sun 28th Feb)

‘Catch Your Breath’ with Jim & Paula from Living Church as they explore some top tips for building resilience, how to realise how good we are and how to stay well.


Ages 11 - 14

Ages 15 - 18

Social Awareness with Habitat for Humanity

Week 3 (Mon 1st - Sun 7th March)

Complete the Habitat for Humanity Online Escape Room (1.5 - 2 Hours)


In completing the Escape Room, we hope that you will learn more about why housing is vital in breaking the cycle of poverty and helping to drive the sustainable development goals. We challenge you in giving of your time or money to help break this cycle.

Ages 11 - 14

Ages 15 - 18

Digital Fasting for Mother’s Day

Week 4 (Mon 8th - Sun 14th March)

Organise an activity for Mother’s Day with your mother and family, and make it digital free.


Ages 11 - 18

Leave your phones aside while spending some time with your mother and family:

  • Attend Mass together as a family either Online or at a Church

  • Organise a walk at a park

  • Cook a meal/dessert together

  • Play a game or boardgame together

  • Do some art together – Music, Drawing, Sculpting, Creating

  • Breakfast in Bed

  • Visit Grandparents

  • Treat your mum to a nice coffee or ice cream

  • Clean the House

  • Create a handmade card

Praying with Your Parish

Week 5 (Mon 15th - Sun 21st March)

With your family, join your Parish or Pastoral Community Lenten Prayer Service.


Ages 11 - 18 

These Lenten Services will be delivered by Parishes across the Diocese of Down & Connor and please see the list below for a weblink to your local Parish or Pastoral Community. 

  • Parish 1, Wednesday 7pm, Website link

Almsgiving to a Foodbank

Week 6 (Mon 22nd - Sun 28th March)

Donate food or toiletries to your local foodbank or Parish


Ages 11 - 18

*please find below a list of Parishes that will be taking part

Or look for a local food bank online or through:

Praying for Our Church (Mass of Chrism)

Week 7 (Mon 29th - Sun 4th April)

Pray for those who will be receiving the Sacraments from the Blessed oils in the upcoming Year.


Ages 11 - 18

Fill in the form and let us know who you will be praying for (before 2pm on Wednesday 31st March). These will be used during the Mass of Chrism and brought forward with the Oils to be Blessed by Bishop Noel Treanor.

The Mass of Chrism is available to watch live on Thursday 1st April at 11am on www.churchservices.tv/stpeterscathedral or Living Youth will be posting an individual video of Bishop Noel blessing the oils.

Pilgrimage to Your Parish (Easter Week)

Week 8 (Mon 5th - Sun 11th April)

Visit your Local Church to say a prayer in celebration of Jesus rising on Easter Sunday

Ages 11 - 18

Go with your family to make an Easter Celebration visit to your local Church (inside or outside). Take time to pray as a family and see if the Holy Oils from the Mass of Chrism are on display (please note all Churches may not display them publicly). Celebrate the Feast of Easter - as a family stop for a treat on the way home.

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