PJPII Award Parental Consent

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

 Welcome to the Living Youth Parental Consent Web-page for the Pope John Paul II Award. You have been emailed this link as your child has registered to take part in the PJPII Award.

For full details of what the PJPII Award will entail, please go to www.livingyouth.co.uk/pjpii-award

Please complete the Online Consent Form below in order to complete your child's registration for the Award.

There is a £15* cost for the PJPII Award which can be paid via www.livingyouth.co.uk/pjpii-payment or to your child's Award Leader. 

*Some Award Centres may subsidise the cost of the PJPII Award, please check with your child's Award Leader before you make a payment.