PJPII Award Final

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Finishing your PJPII Award

Dear Student,
   We would like to thank you for volunteering in the PJPII Award. We hope your experience has been fulfilling, positive and that you see how essential it is to have young people as talented and gifted as you are participating fully in the life of our Church.

As a young person living through this pandemic, you have had to be resilient and adaptable, and we commend you for taking on the PJPII Award in these challenging times. To acknowledge your efforts, we are pleased to let you know that you will be awarded the PJPII Gold Award following submission of your Record Card and completion of this document.

A journey of faith is lifelong, and we want to support you in that journey. We will keep you appraised of the young adult initiatives that are developing within the diocese and we encourage you to stay connected with your parish.


To finish your PJPII Award you must complete the PJPII Award Final Summary, fill in a Record Card and submit them both to your Award Leader.

CLICK HERE to download the PJPII Award Final Summary (Word)

CLICK HERE to download an editable Record Card (PDF)

God Bless

The Living Youth Team