PJPII Award Final

Summary Guide

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Hello and welcome to the 'Final Summary Guide' for your PJPII Award.

The 'Final Summary Guide' will help you complete your Record Card and will assist you through each of the 4 Sections. It will explain the questions, give examples and it is packed full of useful phrases and sentence starters, as well as an audio explanation for each section.

The hyperlinks to the sections we will cover are:

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**If you are unable to use the PDF Final Summary Booklet, you can complete it using a Word Document.

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Finishing Your PJPII Record Card

Completing Your Record Card

  • The ‘Full Date,’ ‘Name of Activity’ and ‘Tick if Parish’ is required for each Activity. (Don’t use “ ” marks)

  • Activities should ideally be listed in chronological order.

NEW PJPII Guidelines due to Covid

  • You DO NOT need your Record Card fully completed to receive the Gold Award. Although if you can help us by telling us about any activities you were planning on doing or any alternative activities you completed.

  • You can claim activities for any time you brought faith or service to your family or friend communities, please tell us about them.

  • 50% of your activities do not have to be Parish Based, though 50% of them should have a faith element.

  • You DO NOT need your activities signed by a facilitator, your Award Leader or Parish Priest.

Uploading your Record Card

  • Please take and upload a picture of the front and back of your PJPII Record Card and upload them into your PJPII Award Final Summary Booklet.

  • Please make sure that details on the Record Card can be read, and it takes up as much of the image as possible.

  • To upload the photo, click on the labeled boxes below, and browse to choose the preferred images.

Lost Record Card

  • If you have lost your Record, you can create a document with your parish and social activities and upload this. You can also re-download a Record Card HERE and fill this in.


Section 1 - PJPII Award Activities

Useful phrases for Section 1

  • Aiding others

  • Enjoyed making a difference

  • Grown in confidence/improved self confidence

  • Help to organise

  • Made a difference to others

  • New found appreciation

  • Opportunity to encourage others

  • Socially aware

  • Strengthened my faith journey

  • Take an active role

  • The experience allowed me

1/ List six activities that you have completed as part of your PJPII Award and explain your role.


Tell us the Activity you completed, where you completed it, what your role was and how often you volunteered for this activity. Where possible, please give us your most frequent volunteering activities.

Example Answers

Parish Activity: Folk Group, Played Violin

Role: Once a week at the Saturday Vigil, I sang and played the violin in the folk choir.

Parish Activity: Cleaned Chapel

Role: I assisted with helping to clean and hoover the Chapel on a Wednesday afternoon.

Social Activity: Charity Shop Volunteering

Role: On a Saturday morning, I volunteered my time at the local SVP shop. My main job was to help organise the donations which had come in during the week. 

Sentence Starters

I assisted by/the…

I helped by…

I was responsible for…

My main job was to…

My role involved…

Once a week…

2/ Please list three ways you have helped others by being involved in these activities.


Tell us about the people you impacted while completing your PJPII Award, who you helped out either directly or indirectly or how you made a difference to others.

Example Answer

While volunteering for the Children's Liturgy I enjoyed helping the children learn about Bible Stories in a fun and engaging setting. I also took an active role with preparing the resources and room set up before Mass, helping the leaders and making Children's Liturgy possible to run.

Sentence Starters

I helped others by…

I made a difference because/by…

My volunteering was very rewarding because…

3/ Please list three ways being involved in these activities have helped you develop personally.


Some ideas of how you may have developed personally are; developed new skills, gained confidence, become more aware, strengthened your faith, taken on responsibilities or changed in your mindset.

Example Answer

Being involved in SVP and helping with the Christmas Hamper Appeal, has made me more socially aware of others who need extra support in our community and how offering my time helps to make a difference.

Sentence Starters

Being involved in (activity) has helped me…

Getting involved in the PJPII Award has helped me to become more…

My volunteering has changed me as a person because…


Section 2 - Your Volunteering and the Teachings of Christ

Useful phrases for Section 2

  • Challenging but worthwhile

  • Connection between

  • Deeper reflection

  • Different experience

  • Following in the footsteps of Jesus

  • Greater sense of community

  • I have been inspired to

  • Opportunity to express my faith

  • Personal spiritual growth

  • Putting faith into action

  • Spreading the word of God

  • Strengthens my connection

1-3/ Your Volunteering and the Teachings of Christ.


Tell us the Activity, the full Bible quote or piece of Scripture you are referring to and how the activity is connected to the Bible Quote.

On Page 4 of your booklet, there are a list of examples of activities and linking Bible quotes. You may want to use these, or you can use any other piece of Scripture.

Example Answers

Activity: Reading at Mass or Services

Bible Quote: ‘When you read you can understand my insight into the mystery of Christ’ Ephesians 3:4

Connection between Activity & Scripture:

The Bible quote I have chosen is reflective of my PJPII activity because I feel I have a better understanding of the scripture as I am able to reflect upon the word of God as I read to the congregation.

Activity: School Mentor (Year 8 Maths Club)

Bible Quote: ‘A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other’ 1 Corinthians 12:7-11

Connection between Activity & Scripture:

The reason I chose this piece of Scripture is because I believe it is important to help one another in any way we can. It was a great experience to help the year 8’s as I could see their confidence in Maths grow over the weeks and I am glad I was a part of this.

Sentence Starters

I believe I was living out this Bible quote in many ways because…

The Bible quote I have chosen is reflective of my PJPII activity because…

The reason I chose this Bible quote is…

The similarities between my activity and this Bible quote are…

Please take a break after completing Sections 1 & 2, and watch the video below about Pope John Paul II before starting Sections 3 & 4.


Section 3 - You and Your Catholic Faith

Useful phrases for Section 3

  • Active member

  • Committed to helping

  • Discipleship

  • Feel part of a community

  • Feel valued

  • Helps me feel connected to God

  • Keeps the faith alive

  • My actions are worthwhile

  • Overcome challenges

  • Positive impact on others

  • Putting time aside

  • There are challenges, however my faith provides

1/  How has volunteering for the PJPII Award affected your faith personally?


Tell us how completing certain activities, meeting new people or being involved in certain groups have impacted your faith personally. Have you changed your way of thinking about God or faith, have you started spending more time in prayer or do you feel a strong desire to stand up against injustices in the world? Do you feel a belonging or connection to any faith communities (or groups), has attending things in a faith-based context become the highlight of your week, or is more enjoyable and fulfilling that other activities?

Example Answers

In my time volunteering at the hospice, I felt I was doing something incredibly worthwhile and it was a real calling from God to volunteer there. I was impacted strongly by others, as they appreciated my time there.

Being involved in the Mass preparation as part of the Welcoming Team, I really felt I belonged to the Church community. I also felt I was making an impact in growing this community through welcoming people and getting to know them and their families.

After going on a faith based retreat, I have started spending more time in prayer and my relationship with God is something I am much more aware of now. Prayer is part of my everyday life and not just on a Sunday.

Sentence Starters

I showed my faith by/when…

My faith was enhanced when I…

2/ What helps keep you involved in your faith?


Tell us what brings your faith to life or what helps you stay engaged in your faith. This may include certain people who have a positive faith influence in your spiritual life, pilgrimages and retreats you have attended, or your involvement with certain prayer groups. You may attend faith programmes, you might help with the running of your parish or play music at services and Masses which keep you engaged.

Example Answer

My family help with my faith involvement because as a family we pray together at the end of the day and attend Mass.

Sentence Starters

I am still volunteering in my parish by continuing….

My family help with my faith involvement because as a family we…

My school helps me to stay involved in my faith by…

3/ As a young person, why is it important to you to be a member of the Catholic Church?

Tell us about belonging to your Church community, if this time for you is important in your faith life or if you feel you get guidance from being a member. 

Example Answer

Being part of the Church makes me feel like I am part of community at home as well as throughout the world. I feel welcomed when I walk into the church and I can use this time to pray to God. I also feel that I can talk to others there and there is guidance for me.

Sentence Starters

Being part of the Church makes me feel…

I believe it is important for young people to be part of the Church as…

It is important for me to be a member of the Church because…

4/ What are the biggest challenges to practising your faith and how have you overcome these?

Example Answer

The biggest challenge that can prevent me from practicing my faith is peer pressure. Having a faith can sometimes be ‘uncool’ and I feel that I cannot express it. However, I look up to others in my church and see their faith journey which encourages me

Sentence Starters

I believe it is important to practice my faith because…

The biggest challenge(s) that can prevent me from practicing my faith is/are life pressures/social media/peer pressure/etc. because…


Section 4 - Young People of the Church

Useful phrases for Section 4

  • Carry out faith

  • Foundation for faith

  • Future of the Church

  • Look up to

  • Maintaining and strengthening relationships

  • Sense of purpose and belonging

  • Spiritual wellbeing

  • Support system

  • The Church can help young people

  • Young people are an example

1/  List three ways why is it important to have young people involved in the Church?

Tell us about the influence young people can have on others by taking an active role in the Church, the vibrancy young people can bring to the Church or how your peer to peer practicing of faith is important for other people your age. You may want to mention how young people are needed to make the Church complete, and without them, something would be missing. How they can be an example to the smaller children, or how they can relate to others their age in a way no one else can.

Example Answer

It is important for young people to carry on the faith and be a light to those younger than them.

Sentence Starters

It is important for young people to be involved with the Church because they are…

Young people bring a different energy to the Church because…

2/ List three ways you will stay involved in your parish after you have completed the PJPII Award?


Example Answer

  1. I will continue to sing in the choir as I enjoy it and I have made new connections in my parish

  2. I will continue to help at SVP as I feel that my time is valued, and I like to help others out.

Sentence Starters

I think it is important to stay involved in my parish because…

I will stay involved in my parish by continuing to…

3/ What activities do you think could be added to the PJPII Award if it has to be completed with social distancing regulations in place?

Please tell us about any activities you completed or you think would make good PJPII Activities for future PJPII groups if they have to complete aspects of their volunteering in a social distance society.

4/ What did you most enjoy about the PJPII Award?

Please tell us all your highlights, we love to hear these good news stories.

Submitting your PJPII Final Summary Booklet

Completing Your PJPII Award Final Summary Booklet

  • Ensure you fill in your Name, Award Centre, Parish Attended and Award Leader on page 1 of the PJPII Award Final Summary Booklet.

  • Complete your Record Card as fully as you can and take photos of the front and back of the Record Card.

  • Upload the photos of your Record Card into the PJPII Award Final Summary Booklet on page 2

  • Complete Sections 1 - 4 as best as you can, making use of this Final Summary Guide

Saving Your PJPII Award Final Summary Booklet

  • Rename your document so it is saved in the following format:

    • Award Centre Code.Surname.Firstname.2020

      • e.g. Joe Bloggs who attends St Killian's College would be: SKC.Bloggs.Joe.2020

      • e.g. Jane Smyth who attends Dominican College, Belfast would be: DCB.Smyth.Jane.2020

  • Please use the box below for your Award Centre Code.

Emailing your Final Summary Booklet to your Award Leader

  • Once you have completed your booklet, saved and renamed the document, email your Final Summary Booklet directly to your Award Leader, and that is your PJPII Award completed.